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Our Story


Eman Sadek, Founder, President, and Principal Broker of ESG is a CAN DO person … Just give her a complicated situation and she will find answers and a solution that exceed your expectations.


ESG Group Realty, LLC. and E&S Property Management, LLC. were founded over 15 years ago in Eman’s heart and mind when she dreamed of starting her own real estate firm, even before she began her 15 year Real Estate career with Century 21 in Beaverton, Oregon. From the first inspiration, Ms. Sadek was determined to make a true difference in our marketplace, where long term and repeat business relationships would be the natural positive result of leadership, communication skills, extensive education, and experience supported by a foundation of highest integrity.

Our Mission Statement


What’s with “ESG” anyway? E.S.G. stands for Every Service Guaranteed!!! Just WHAT IS OUR GUARANTEE?

Our guarantee is 100% Satisfaction!!! We practice our profession with one goal in mind: To deliver excellence from the day of our initial meeting to your day of closing and beyond. You can count on us to treat you like family, from your generation to your own next generation!


ESG Group Realty, LLC. exists to highly exceed each of our client’s unique needs and expectations … At ESG Group Realty, LLC. we have a saying “We are here for you AFTER the deal is closed!” Come grow with us!

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